Where to Get Teacup Pigs

If you consider to buy a Teacup pig I strongly suggest you to read this post before you make any decision on buying. First thing you need to do before you buy mini pig you should check your zoning to see if you are eligible to keep a pig as a pet.Also check with home owners association and landlords to make sure that they agree with your decision to keep a piggie as a pet. You can’t have mini pig as a pet if you live in a flat because pig needs both indoor and outdoor space.

Now days there are many people looking to earn some quick and easy money, they will try to sell you anything including regular farm piggies as a mini pig. You should know that all serious breeders of miniature pigs will sell you only neutered/spayed piggies. They should give you printed directions about how to feed and train your new pet, they also have to give you support by phone. Serious breeder will give you guaranties that your pig will not excess certain weight and size when it is full grown ( usually at 24 months old ). Continue reading

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Finally a Book about Teacup Pigs

As you already know it is very hard to find some useful information about mini pigs on the Internet, especially something written by a person who actually owns one.But now, there is a man who decided to change that. His name is Elliot Lang.A book about teacup pigs

A few days ago I bought a book with a very promising title - Teacup pigs, Micro pigs, Miniature pigs, The Complete Owner’s Guide by Elliot Lang.
It is a must have guide for anyone passionate about owning, breeding, or raising miniature pigs.
As soon as I got the book I started to read and didn’t give up until I read the whole book, and then I read it again. It is well written and easy to read. Like a brother or a close friend, the author takes you and guides you through the whole process of owning a mini pig.
He teaches you how to find out if a teacup pig is a right kind of pet for you, how to find a respectful breeder and how to pick a right piglet. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done if you want to become an owner, and Elliot gives a great explanation about that. Continue reading

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How to Feed a Mini Pig

Mini pigs are just like other pigs and they will eat almost anything that is eatable. Food for farm pigs is not suitable for teacup pigs, it is meant for optimum growth and is too rich for mini pigs. All pigs including miniature breeds do not have ” I’m full feeling ” and that is the main reason they will eat huge amounts of food and grow very fast. Farm pigs are usually slaughtered in period 3-6 months old and farmers don’t need to worry about health issues that can occur from overfeeding .

You have to remember that you mini pig is not really hungry it is just a behavior that pigs adopted when humans started to keep them as domestic animals, you have to retrain your piggies to bee feed correctly. Optimal food for miniature pigs have to be high on fiber and moderate on energy. Do not feed your pigs with meat or any meat products it can cause health issues and it is illegal in some countries. Continue reading

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Teacup Pigs ( why I love them so much )

Not so long ago I didn’t know anything about teacup pigs ( micro mini pigs ) and at that time when someone mention pigs my first association was huge pigs rolling in the mud in some farm yard. Then I accidentally saw a reportage about some guy from UK who’s breeding extremely small piggies, and that short reportage changed my life.

Teacup pigs Since that date I’m investigating on Internet an reading everything that comes to my hand about teacup pigs.
This incredible animals may be the best choice for pet, they are very smart and they love to play. Some say they are smarter that dogs. They are clean and easy to maintain pets. If you imagine that they are really teacup size I have to disappoint you they are that small only when they are born. But however mini pigs are much smaller then standard farm pigs and regular potbelly pigs Continue reading

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Mini Pig How it’s Made

Mini pigs that we know today are actually mixture of various breeds of pigs. There are four main breeds that made a significant influence on today’s look and size of Teacup pigs and they are as follow:

  • Pot Belly Pig
  • Kune Kune Pig
  • Gloucester Pig
  • Tamworth Pig

Now lets find out more about this breeds that are main “ingredients” of these adorable creatures that we all love so much.

Pot Bellied Pigs originate from Vietnam and they are considerably smaller than standard European or American farm pigs. Potbelly pigThey have a characteristic shape of belly and that’s how they got their name. Size and weight of pot belly pigs are various and depends on a location of origin in Vietnam, they weight in range of 20 to 300 lb. When you see pot bellied pig you can easily recognize this breed because of straight tail and upright ears and the shape of their belly :-) .

They are considered fully grown at a 6 years of age, although males ( un-neutered ) are fertile when they are only six months old. Today is very hard to find purebred potbellies because people tend to cross them with various farm pig species and that is the main reason that many of them are over sized. Continue reading

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