How to Feed a Mini Pig

  • Sumo

Mini pigs are just like other pigs and they will eat almost anything that is eatable. Food for farm pigs is not suitable for teacup pigs, it is meant for optimum growth and is too rich for mini pigs. All pigs including miniature breeds do not have ” I’m full feeling ” and that is the main reason they will eat huge amounts of food and grow very fast. Farm pigs are usually slaughtered in period 3-6 months old and farmers don’t need to worry about health issues that can occur from overfeeding .

You have to remember that you mini pig is not really hungry it is just a behavior that pigs adopted when humans started to keep them as domestic animals, you have to retrain your piggies to bee feed correctly. Optimal food for miniature pigs have to be high on fiber and moderate on energy. Do not feed your pigs with meat or any meat products it can cause health issues and it is illegal in some countries.

Mini pigs should be fed once a day, it’s recommended in the afternoon and you should allow them to graze on grass of a day. Fruits, vegetables and grain are considered to be ideal food for teacup pigs. You can give you pig a treat only once a day when you are training them.

Always put food in a bowl, never on a ground because your pig will continually go back to that area looking for food and if there is no food they will start to root around that place causing a mess. you should train your pig to be patient and not to squeal when he/she is hungry, they will try anything to make you hurry up and give them food faster. If they start to squeal the best thing you can do is to walk away without giving food to them, then you should wait at least 5 minutes and try again, they have to learn that you wont give them food if they squeal. They will try this only while they are piglets and if you don’t let them to get away with it your life will be much easier. If you feed you piglets while they are squealing they will quickly learn that squealing gets them food very fast and that is something you have to avoid at all cost. Don’t let you mini pig to train you instead you train them.

Teacup pigs are very intelligent and if they can find a way to make you give them more food they will, food is their main passion. If you let them to eat as much as they can their life will be much shorter and you will end up with a pig a lot bigger then what you expected when you decided to buy a mini pig. They have to learn that you are the boss and that they will eat only when you want and what you want.

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2 Responses to How to Feed a Mini Pig

  1. Mary says:

    Many articles stating don’t overfeed your pig. Please be specific on how MUCH you should feed a mini-pig. One cup pellets per day? Two cups?

    • admin says:

      You should read specification on the food package, but generally you should feed your pig 2-2,5% of his/her body weight per day.

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