Where to Get Teacup Pigs

  • Sumo

If you consider to buy a Teacup pig I strongly suggest you to read this post before you make any decision on buying. First thing you need to do before you buy mini pig you should check your zoning to see if you are eligible to keep a pig as a pet.Also check with home owners association and landlords to make sure that they agree with your decision to keep a piggie as a pet. You can’t have mini pig as a pet if you live in a flat because pig needs both indoor and outdoor space.

Now days there are many people looking to earn some quick and easy money, they will try to sell you anything including regular farm piggies as a mini pig. You should know that all serious breeders of miniature pigs will sell you only neutered/spayed piggies. They should give you printed directions about how to feed and train your new pet, they also have to give you support by phone. Serious breeder will give you guaranties that your pig will not excess certain weight and size when it is full grown ( usually at 24 months old ).

Price may vary a lot depending of a expected size, color, type of guarantee and reputation of breeder. You should look for full vet physical and approved release. Real breeders have a long list of satisfied customers along with their recommendations. Some breeder will also give you guarantees that if you are unsatisfied, with your mini pig, for any reason up to 6 months of age, they will replace it with another of your choice free of charge.

Before buying you should check that the piglet has no obvious genetic defects, some of the teacup pigs have wrinkles on their skin but it is perfectly normal if the haven’t got them. Mini pigs should have strait tails and small erected ears.

I get a lot of questions about where to buy teacup piggies and some of you ask me if I’m selling one, I have to say that I do own one but I’m not a breeder and I’m not selling them.I wrote this article as a guide and my main goal was to help you if you consider to buy a mini pig. You should know that teacup pigs will demand a lot of your time and energy because they have a lot of energy and if they are not exercised daily thy can become aggressive.

I wish you best luck with you new pet and many unforgettable moments :-)


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